verdure mother natures recipe branding

verdure mother natures recipe branding


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This project started as an experiment in finding a product that would play well with my skin. As others with sensitive skin already know, it’s really difficult to find a comfortable cosmetic line and because we all know the benefits of eating home cooked organic foods, I chose to brand my own cremes and lotions. These use purely natural ingredients, and because the list of the elements are minimal, I carefully adapted the design to it.


My mission was to create the most effective and high quality skin care (for myself), hand and naturally made, with products that use some of the most efficacious active ingredients from around the world. My great inspiration was nature and its precious treasures, which combined with passion, love and knowledge, it created a natural beauty product that offers effective treatments for skin.


A product that has this kind of a description is targeted at a market whose consumers prefer organic, local products obviously. They have healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and are considerate with their schedule. These organized, practical people are comfortable spending a considerate amount of their money on luxury items, including leisure, travel and pampering. Being so ambitious, I’d assume they also have interest in contemporary design, personal growth and cultural diversity topics.


While exploring the theme of simplicity, a fictional brand that is “all about the results” was born. For the brand name, I explored quite a few possibilities while searching for synonyms for words like purity, heyday, zenith or vigor, just to name a few. Verdure simply resonated with the vibe I wanted to send off with this creation. It was a subjective decision, it just felt good (probably because its latin origin happens to be pretty familiar) and I went with it, of course.


It started out as a cosmetics range that is made from natural, sustainable ingredients, designed to be used on a daily basis and tailored to the individual needs of the consumer: a line that promotes health and radiance. Then it turned into an ecological brand that has a human-centered design and campaign.

It was crucial that the viewer’s first impression of the brand was one of an understated sophistication. The colors, fonts, imagery and overall layout was carefully chosen to help communicate this perception.


The use of unprocessed materials in the packaging helped to communicate the purity of the ingredients, thereby embodying its essence in the concept. We also wanted to go even further than that: we wanted our whole business strategy to be based on a circular design pattern to be able to create value for a wider ecosystem.

Our main focus is community and environment.

In addition to using unprocessed materials in the packaging, we also wanted to see our clients getting more responsible towards our environment. To achieve this kind of scope and to influence their already pretty conscious behavior, we are offering them a reward: they get a certain percentage of discount for future acquisitions if they bring back the already used package.

Community being the other pillar of our strategy, we thought of a campaign that got the name Mother Nature’s Love Letters: we created three templates for a husband, child or friend who’d want to show appreciation to the most important women in their life.

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