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My strong interest in fashion led me to start researching visual identities of modeling agencies all over the world. While there are thousands of agencies, you can easily spot a pattern in the logos. Although the big, established companies probably have put some thought in why their symbols should look a certain way, now it seems like even the newer ones are created by the same person. I’m not saying that this is all wrong; these figures do have attractive elements, but they surely could benefit from some further refinement.

Model Agency Rebranding

List of Worldwide Model Agency Logos

At this moment my craving was clear: I must redesign one of the agencies’ visual identity as a passion project. But which one? It was important for me to choose a company that is not yet entrenched in the market and that I can also somewhat relate to from a cultural point of view. There was my lucky one right in the upper corner: D’Vision Model Management.


The whole point of this model agency rebranding is to give it a fresher attitude. As we’ve taken a closer look to other modeling agencies, you also noticed that they all kind of look the same, starting from the logo all the way through to the website layouts. The purpose is to remove Division Model Management from the herd and give them a unique visual identity.


An uncommon character will always arouse excitement or at least some interest, especially in a world where everything looks kind of the same. Even though some teenagers will have an obvious inclination towards walking the runway or posing in front of the cameras, this does not mean that we should not try to keep up with their shifted expectations from products and services. In addition to models, there are several stylists, designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers that are also more eager to collaborate with a team if their style is original.


Right after choosing my preferred brand, I started playing around with the logo, typography, I added and removed some symbols then I reached the phase where I would choose the colour palette. The solution got indisputable after I read a few lines about Poland and Warsaw. Red it was indeed.

I changed up the visual game primarily with playing around with typography. Keeping it simple was essential, but the real boldness of the brand came from embracing and highlighting with audacity their roots: the country they live in. Integrating the flag of Poland as one of the basic elements in their visual identity was a straightforward way to achieve that unique flair; meanwhile it is a cute play on the noun “division” (meaning: bit, part, segment, fragment, dividing, splitting, etc.).


The majority of the models in this agency are from Poland, so it was important to not only be able to stand out from the crowd of international agencies, while remaining true to their origin, but also to position Division Model Management as the supreme organization on a national level.


Strategy means that you do something differently. In the case of Division Model Management, differently from their competitors. A fresh visual identity is one of the things that you notice as an outsider. As someone who would actually get into the agency as a model, you’d quickly realize that they treat you like family. They take good care of you. They don’t send you to collaborations they don’t know well enough. They won’t send you to places where they don’t know what will happen to you. A friendly community is never easy to find, but it surely is hard to leave. A simple solution for the industry’s major impediment turns into Division’s leading insight.

Being an agency that invites the community to join them to follow their dreams, we created a magazine that communicates all that needs to be known. From the motivation behind the scenes, all the way through important articles and model portfolios. It’s a great way to bring everyone on the same page, to adjust expectations and to get to know the squad.


There are also parties that take place periodically, usually once a quarter. Evaluating the achievements for the last three months and setting up new objectives is always a good idea. This further guides the community to stick together, celebrate achievements and encourage each other and discuss new ideas. Of course, colleagues talk about work related things especially in the beginning, but that’s pure joy when you know that everyone who is there is there because their heart tells them so. New collaborations and relationships get established while drinking champagne and listening to broken beats.


The website also got a makeover representing the new visual identity and crisp communication. I carefully analyzed the current state of the website: functionalities, pages, types of content that already exist and I designed a custom solution.

First thing that meets you when you land on the website are the gorgeous faces of the agency, from there you can also apply to become a model, view the latest editorials and events of the mannequins or the make-up artists and hairstylists of the Division team.

The editorial page got much more sophisticated using only three types of grid layout presented with Maja Salamon‘s La Mania LookBook photoshooting: there’s the full width landscape image, then there’s the half portrait, half landscape grid layout and right at the bottom there are the two portrait images both occupying half of the container’s width. Being a platform that uses images as the main content, this change was much needed.

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