law firm branding

law firm branding


Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Print Design, Typography, UI/UX, Web Design


Pen & Paper, Axure Pro, Adobe Photoshop


Analyzing the competition’s identity, we realized that most of the websites are outdated or they are quite complicated to use, so the main focus was to create a strong visual identity that represents the firm’s core values and a website where the user can easily request an offer online and find whatever information they need. Another important goal was to achieve a transparent communication with clients but also potential clients, while becoming leaders in the industry.

Strategy means doing something different from your competitors and Védelem Institút took into mind to improve their services on all possible levels. Starting from the way employers talk to employees, the way employees talk to potential or existing clients, the way possible clients find information they’re searching for, the way possible clients find and solicit offers from the firm, the way existing clients communicate with the firm, all the way through to the visual identity, which is basically only the cherry on top of the cake of communication strategy.


A law firm’s target audience usually is pretty large. Being able to help people in different domains with different kinds of problems, it was necessary that the overall communication is clear. We tried to think the design through with two extremes in our minds: first would be the young people that help the family in finding a good law firm online, second would be the older people that want to read further details. With this in our minds, the brand had to be relevant and attractive enough to retain the attention of the one that’s searching for a good solution, while being easily digestible and intuitive to the elderly too. By designing with these two particular audiences in our minds, we knew that the solutions will be good enough for the people that are in-between these groups also, meaning that if the important content loads up on any device even with random connectivity to the internet and if granny is able to savor the content, we’ll be fine. I’m referring to my granny but what I mean here is anyone who does not use a computer every day, isn’t familiar with certain patterns in web design, does not have a youthful and impeccable vision, has some kind of color blindness or owns an out-dated device, etc.


Due to personal preferences, the name of the firm is in Hungarian, although the website does address English and German speaking customers also.
Védelem meaning protection, defense and Institút being a more English-sounding word for Institute (the correct version in Hungarian would have been Institució), but hey, when did we ever stop talking about globalization?

To assure accordance of the employers and employees communication with the brand’s values, workshops and educational lessons had to take place in order to deeply embed what the firm stands for directly into the organizational culture.


Using limited colors and bold typography helped us enhance the most important information while guiding the user to what they are searching for. A strong typographic hierarchy enables the users to easily navigate the layout at a glance and quickly scan to find the information they are looking for. The use of iconography also makes a statement about the titles and their descriptions and makes it even more easy to browse.

Consistent communication being one of the most important instances of branding, we thought through with the same care of details the design of the invoices and press releases, as well as the way the lawyers and employees approach potential clients.

Existing clients usually contact the agency through e-mail or phone, so the homepage is primarily targeted at new users who are yet undecided: as they land on the homepage, they can view the available mediators, offered services and the areas where they operate.
The use of cards in the website design makes it possible to offer bite-sized information, while alternating the three and four-column layout to indicate also the importance of the presented content.


It was vital to have a great system for requesting personalized offers directly from the website, so that’s where the Díjszabás (Fee) page comes in. The process involves four necessary steps to be able to estimate and formulate an appropriate proposal. The request is sent to the agency and they will get back through e-mail to the potential client. There are also two types of suggestions beneath the calculator, the one that tries to give an estimate based on the information completed above and also a section with general ones that proved to be the most solicited by other applicants.

We also haven’t seen any firm who would be eager to start a conversation with their clients, so our solution to this is a monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine. Védelem Institút wants to become the leading voice of the industry and proposed to achieve it simply by giving away useful information, listening to people’s problems and by answering client questions and needs.

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