Building MerakiDesigns 1.1

This piece will tell the entire story about the first three years of MerakiDesigns, all the things I learned, from what went well to what I could have done better.

Here is the second piece of this small series titled “Building Merakidesigns”. If you haven't yet read the first one where I talk about the key moments that shaped me into a designer and the backstory to why I decided I would build my studio, click here and read “Building MerakiDesigns 1.0” first.

Starting the Company as a Solo Designer

The toughest thing I recognized quite early after founding MerakiDesigns was the entangled dilemma of the “important work” versus “urgent work”. Urgent work paid the bills, and the important work could get me better projects in the long run.

Later, I discovered that this phenomenon is described perfectly in Eisenhower's Decision Principle: “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” This was solid learning which would make “MerakiDesigns 2.0” possible. All I can tell you now is it wasn't an easy lesson and it was a bumpy ride.

To be Continued

I will very soon complete this piece with the entire story about the first three years of MerakiDesigns, all the other things I learned, what went well, what I could have done better, and also a little bit about the kind of projects I worked on.

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    I enjoy the challenge of making the complex simple and have a passion for the intersection of technology and design.

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