This February we’ve been sharing some exceptional designs on Meraki Designs’ Instagram account. In addition, this being our second post, we’re showcasing here the ones we loved probably the most from our collection of minimalist design inspiration. Finally, why minimalism? Because functionality first is beautiful. Stripping away unnecessary details leaves you with a strong core. A strong point and a firm message.

Tulura Skincare Brand Identity by Build
Lucio 642 Identity & Packaging Design by Buenaventura

design inspiration

Minimalism encourages purpose. Therefore, with thought, planning and practice, you can create very memorable brands. We’ll probably talk more about planning with purpose in a future article. Until then, think about stripping away the unnecessary. Acknowledge the space in which your design will materialize and examine this relationship. In conclusion: experiment. Because small changes can bring big results. This focus on space, simplicity and delightful typography is refreshing. Done well, it always works, since it takes into account only the essential things. Seems like having few elements to work with, these few always get to be on display and make a statement. Most noteworthy: concepts haven’t changed much since the beginning… although we adapted it to our medium. We focus only on a piece of content, we incorporate a subtle animation, etc.

Let’s celebrate these clean & effective timeless designs.

IAS Report Editorial Design by Submachine
Lara Pallini Art Direction by Dylan McDonough

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